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Blade 6 Heads Winmau Launch

​Winmau led from the front at the launch of their new product range on Wednesday. Rather than starting with the smaller items and leading up to flagship products, they hit the ground running with the unveiling of a brand new board, the Blade 6 Triple Core Carbon.

In a break from the recent tradition of social media/graphic focused launched the Welsh brand went with a big name video and innovative panel discussion platform. Led by Ray Stubbs with Paul Nicholson and Mark Webster, as well as engineering wizard Lee Huxtable, ensured all angles were covered and all questions could be answered.

Catch up on the Winmau launch and panel presentation here:

6 of the Best:

The latest iteration of the Blade series has several visual changes and others that are not so obvious. The outer ring or spider has been given an elegant makeover, it’s silver/grey (carbon?) is subtler but easily visible and perhaps even helpful to visual focus. The feel of the board is different to those which preceded it. There is an almost soft touch to the out layer, suggesting a welcoming material for the point. the low compression sisal in this area allows the dart in with ease. The second, higher compression, layer holds the dart firmly in place. Meanwhile, the new carbon fibre adds even more durability at the highest level of performance.

Exactly MVG

In addition to the new board, there seemed a major focus on iconic players, whether past or present. First up, of course, was a new MVG dart with particular emphasis on functionality. The new dart has many of the key elements of MVG’s signature darts but is cleverly coated to give a comfortable feel straight out of the box. Our test teams have already responded very positively to this. 

Waites for it:

A brand new edition/model for double World champion Scott Waites may intrigue many. While retaining the main features, of Too Hotty’s long-standing edition, the grip had been totally revolutionised to produce a muscular, aggressive-looking dart that may appeal to a wider selection of players than the almost delicate previous incarnation.

Asset stripping:

Another player to alter course appears to be Paul Nicholson. The Players Championship finals winner has altered both the design and cosmetics of his long used weapons of choice. Featuring a yellow/silver colour scheme, far removed from the understated green and black of previous versions, The Asset’s latest offering has an elliptical nose and a new grip style. Gone is the front end blank and the aggressive grip. The design this time has a similarity to the classic Daryl Gurney SE as well as a second ring grip space two-thirds of the way toward the stem. Less striking in some ways but intriguing as a toll of choice. We await our tester’s views with keen interest.

Putting the O in Joe?

The updated Joe Cullen dart may generate the most speculation and interest from today’s model. Building on Joe and his Winmau darts success a few upgrades can be seen at a glance. The most notable is the replacement of the fine ring cut grip sections with blocks made of O’s. AIM180 have been banging on for some time about the need to rethink grip and look at it as surface and traction. This impressive-looking new model seems to head in that direction. The dart has even gained cosmetically and is unique in players’ darts.

In the Dock

Our final selection from what has been an extensive launch (much more reaction and early reviews to come) is the fabulous and almost cute Dart Dock! A weighty and superbly executed mini dartboard for you to hold your spare sets in. Almost every player we know has a different version of dart holder in their darts space. Winmau has provided one that doesn’t look like an office tidy, does a great job, and has a touch of flair and humour. 

As we anticipated Winmau has produced a far more extensive launch than many of their rival brands this year. Where others relied heavily on China and had a long time and supply lines, Winmau’s UK (and Kenya) design and production processes have enabled an almost seamless effort from the Welsh company.

We at AIM are enjoying an early Christmas feeling and will bring you more details and in-depth reviews in the coming days and weeks.

Images: Winmau​

Mark Webster: Diamond SE

​A new mark Webster dart always serves to remind us just how good Mark is and what he managed to contribute to the game at such an early stage. Webby was Lakeside World Champion and twice third in the PDC version and provided a welcome contrast to the perception of dart players.

Mark Webster’s weapons of choice have undergone a radical reformation over the past few years. The 2008 World Champion began his career using a very simple tungsten barrel with a snub nose and a few grooves on the lower sections. His latest weapons are about as far away as you can get. Winmau have leveraged much of their technical know-how into this elegant but unfussy dart.


This latest edition has just been released, for the 2021 collection, by Marks’ longtime manufacture. Two sections of ‘black diamond’ grip have been added to the dart on either side of the lightly grooved centre section. This addition has transformed the dart.

Open the Box:

The three, 90%, tungsten barrels come tucked into a branded point protector and a colour coordinated set – up of Vectra stems (3) and Prism Alpha flights. Black steel points are supplied and fitted.

Testing feedback:

The difference, from previous Webster signature models, is remarkable. The revamp gives the appearance of real muscle while retaining their precision instrument performance. The ‘black diamond’ grip sections give almost every type of thrower a way to get the most out of them. You can even use the two sections as a guide of where not to hold them! The simple barrel design still does its no-fuss job but the new grip zones seem to add assured confidence that was not there previously.

Set-Up & Durability:

We have always found the diamond range to be exceptionally durable and, for some players, the more worn in they are the better they’re liked. With the supplied set up Mark’s dart suits most conventional throwers. Rear holders added more tapered stems and a smaller sized std flight to get a less direct flight path.


The Mark Webster (2021) signature dart is a premium dart with a no-nonsense look and feel. There are no unnecessary cosmetics and, as a result, the dart is as reliable as it is impressive. They can be used to great effect by a wide cross-section of throwers although we expect that they will prove exceptionally popular with methodical players who like to power score and not mess about. At around £55 they are good value and slightly less than some premier models.

Marks: 9/10

The marks ranged from 8.5 to 9.5 for functionality, looks, performance, and value. 9/10 seems a fair result for this excellent addition to the 2021 player market.

Originally published in Darts World Magazine (573)

Testing by: AIM:180 Ltd​

Mark Webster – Winmau Originals 20g

  • Product: Darts (Steel Tip)
  • Model: Mark Webster (Signature) 20g
  • Material: Natural Tungsten 90%
  • Dimensions: 48.4mm x 5.9mm
  • Grip Style: Simple 14 cut Ring Grip (2/5 Aggressive)
  • Shape: Parallel (Straight)
Webster originals. A simple classic.

Mark won his World championship and many other titles with this design. As with other players/manufacturers, he has adapted it over time both in grip and cosmetically. he has also increased his weight preference.


A simple dart with a very comfortable feel. The thirteen cuts are slightly narrower (1.5mm*) than on a standard ‘Bristow barrel’ but the blank toward the stem end is larger than most (15mm*).

The 5.9mm width is excellent for grouping and almost half a millimeter slimmer than most similar darts. The length is quite standard for darts of this time, 48.4mm is long enough to allow enough weight, short enough to allow some wrist control but not too long.

The Webster original has a slightly softened nose but not a cone or taper to enable the path past other darts or wires.

Set Ups:

Webby used a very conventional set up with these. A simple standard shape flight (Wales design) and a white nylon stem (medium). AIM: tested them with a very similar setup and they worked very well indeed. At the low weight (20g) they are also ideally paired with fixed flight options, such as the L Style Champagne systems, with a tweenie sized stem.

Tester Quotes:

“The are much better than I thought, simple yet very effective and reliable.”

“If you have a traditional ‘arc style’ action/throw you will love these”

“You can hold these anywhere but they are very good for mid or rear holders”

Debbie Downers:

The only real downside is the rear blank is quite large which can affect how some players would hold the dart. The grip is very simple and some players would prefer a more aggressive feel.


The 2021 ‘Diamond edition’ of the Webby Dart. Available here.

In their day these were good value at the £20-30 mark. Winmau has revamped Mark’s dart a couple of times and has even added a diamond gripped version. Sadly all these are at higher weights. Second-hand sets of the originals pop up on eBay etc. for around £20.


A superb and increasingly rare example of a World Championship winning dart. No-fuss, no cosmetic vanity just a simple slim tungsten barrel with a softened nose and a basic ring grip. Lovely balance and easy to use. Especially suited for wristy or whippy players and those who ‘arc’ the dart.

Marks: 8.5/10.

The latest Webster editions are available from most darts retailers and online at Red Dragon Darts.

Coral UK Open 2016 – Days 1 & 2

The 2016 Coral UK Open is certainly living up to expectations.

The 2016 Coral UK Open is certainly living up to expectations.

The UK Open lived up to it reputation as the FA Cup of Darts again on the first two days of the 2016 edition. Riley’s qualifiers gave it their all and many Pro’s were given a tough time. Even MVG was subdued, and The Power struggled, in the early the early rounds.

The Giant Killing Starts
Robert Thornton, the 2012 champion, became the biggest casualty of Day 1. The world number seven bowing out to Aaron Monk even after starting strongly. Alex Roy, one of only eight ever presents, looked like he may be the story of the day. Roy, who had had to qualify through Riley’s, got off to a great start, defeating fellow veteran Dennis Smith on the main stage and then coming from behind to win his second round game. Sadly Roy could not make day two, running out of steam in his third game vs Justin Pipe.

Clash of the Titans.

With the initial skirmishes over the last 64 draw was made. As always, the draw provided some uncomfortable moments. Ian “Diamond” White was paired with Simon Whitlock, world ranking number 12 vs number 18. Peter Wright was paired with the evergreen Steve Beaton, Wright emerging a 9-5 winner. Even more mouth-watering, for the five thousand fans, was the clash between Gary Anderson & Dave Chisnal. Two Premier League players , ranked two & ten, who normally could not meet until at least  two rounds later in any TV event.

Old foes clash early. Whitlock defeats white in the last 64.

Old foes clash early. Whitlock defeats white in the last 64.


White vs Whitlock did not even rate a TV slot and saw the Aussie overcome a two – five deficit to win through. Mensur Sulivic the inform Austrian repeated his previous wins over an out of sorts James Wade. The machine was deeply unhappy with the board, although his complaints fell on deaf ears.

The main event proved to be worth the wait. Chizzy started strongly and got into a lead, both players seemed to have a little too much respect for the others, it was almost like a couple of prize-fighters waiting to let rip. Finally, despite not being in the lead throughout the match, Anderson kicked into life and produced a tremendous ‘last round’ finish to emerge a 9-7 winner.

Beware “The Spider”.

Cometh the hour, cometh the Spider?

Cometh the hour, cometh the Spider?

After a torrid time, Mark Webster has been cooking with gas again for a few months, better floor showings and, great runs in the last few TV events, have seen the confidence return and the old control and consistency is back. His last 64 victory over Matt Edgar was a demonstration of understated skill and control. In this shape “Webby” could be the man to watch.

Rise of the Amateurs

Altogether five “Amateur” qualifiers made it through to Round 3, a pretty good showing. Sadly the enigma that is Les Delderfield did not even appear, thus a possible fairy story petered out. Most notable were Rob Cross who defeated two very in form and experienced players handily, neither Ken McNiel nor Wes Newton would have been expecting to be so ruthlessly dispatched, and Barry Lynn who, after defeating Claydon and, UK Open veteran, Dean Stewart, would take on “The History Maker” Brendon Dolan, for a place in the last thirty-two and a chance of an even bigger draw.

Robert Cross, earned a monster draw, against MVG, with 3 superb wins on day1

Robert Cross, earned a monster draw, against MVG, with 3 superb wins on day1

Cross did a fine job in removing, the in form, Geoffry de Graff, in a last leg thriller, and moved on into the hat with the big boys, only to get the worst draw imaginable in MVG. Lynn put in another tremendous shift, at the end of a very long day and out lasted Dolan 9 -6. Indeed, it was so late, the draw, for Day Two, had already been held. It was left for the TV presenter to tell Barry that he had drawn reigning world champ Gary Anderson! His response? “good I will smash him all over the board” joking or not Lynn seems to have what many qualifiers, and lower ranked pro’s, lack, genuine confidence and belief.

Rileys Qualifier Barry Lynn wins through day one and threatens to smash Gary Anderson, on day 2. Joking or deadly serious?

Rileys Qualifier Barry Lynn wins through day one and threatens to smash Gary Anderson, on day 2. Joking or deadly serious?

Day Two would show us, and Barry, whether this was misplaced or not!

Anyone but MVG.

The Flying Scotsman - Could Anderson prevent another MVG World Title?

The Flying Scotsman – Could Anderson prevent another MVG World Title?

The PDC’s annual darts festival is only a few days away, yet I cannot find the clarity of mind to select those who will win, go close or cause a shock or two on the way. The reason for this is the anyone but MVG factor.
It must be recognised that this is completely unfair on Micheal, he is a good guy who has conquered an incredibly difficult couple of years to rise and sit atop the darting world. But I cannot warm to him as a multiple winner. The gurning, the OTT jumping about and the almost Teutonic interviews leave me completely cold.

The Green Machine. Can anyone stop him.

The Green Machine. Can anyone stop him.

In addition darts does not need another era of single player dominance. The last fifteen to twenty years have belonged to “The Power”, the PDC does not need a like for like replacement.
The fans attitude to Martin Adams, during this years Grand Slam, at Wolverhampton should give us a clue. Their disgraceful efforts to prevent MVG winning the title should also provide food for thought. Darts needs characters, rivalries and fresh blood. Mere excellence is not enough.

So, bearing this in mind, who can prevent my worst nightmare and claim the World Professional Darts Championship this year.

The Reigning Champion. Gary Anderson.

Without Gary’s popular win the era of MVG would look unstoppable. Yet, Anderson demonstrated that his phenomenal talent, combined with a, carefully fostered, laissez faire attitude, could be a match for anyone. The capturing of the Premier League Title ensured that MVG has not had it all his own way in the last year.

It is very tough to defend a world title with only Taylor and Adrian Lewis having managed this it the PDC.

The Harlequin – Peter Wright

The title could of course be The Jester or The Fool. But forget the costumes and the daft dad dancing, Peter can play darts. The antics are all part of ensuring that he can simply play and ensure his own relaxed personality is deployed to good effect. His previous visit to a world final, combined with getting to the later stages of almost every major in recent times, could mean he is ready to stop knocking and just walk in!

The Comeback Kid – Mark Webster

It is superb to see Mark getting back toward the level he deserves to play at. His return to work and regaining of form and perspective is to be admired by any darts fan. Webby was always a very strong end of year player, many of his best performances have come in the autumn and winter events. The sheer consistency and determination of Webby at his best can wobble anyone. His efforts in 2010 & 2011 show what he is capable of here.

The event may have come a little soon for Mark, to expect him to go all the way may be a bit too much. However look for some superb performances and who knows……

The Rough Diamond – Ian White


Getting less rough with every passing season. Ian has superb talent, a relentless work ethic and a rare capacity to learn. His match versus MVG at the Matchplay, where he led 6-1, and against Anderson at the Grand Prix, show that he has again advanced and could be ready to take a giant leap.

The downside is that after a few years of superb success, without really gaining the credit he deserved, Ian is finally being regarded as a contender and being touted for The Premier League. This seems to have weighed on him a little in the last couple of months. Once he learns to accept this The Diamond will advance again.

The Young Gun – Keegan Brown

Although by no means the only young pretender in this year’s line up, Brown is the only one who has already seen the later stages of major events and who seems to grow on the big stage.

Reaching the Qtr Finals of last years Grand Slam and then grafting through a tough spell or two this years have provided Keegan with an insight into both the daily graft and the big moments of PDC darts. He may well be coming to terms with doing both consistently.

The clash with Peter Wright could be a very tough first rounder for Keegan but it may prove a good proving ground for this and future events.

The Team Effort – Adrian Lewis & Co.

Twice World Champion already, could team Lewis pull off another win?

Twice World Champion already, could team Lewis pull off another win?

Jackpot’s two world titles came in 2011 & 12 whilst he was working closely with former world champ Keith Deller. This partnership is again in full effect, with the recent major final proving its lost nothing. Team Lewis also involves a settled family life and long time partner in crime Craig Sharples. This outfit knows how to prepare and execute at the worlds. Could a hat-trick be on the cards?

His last Bow? – Phil Taylor.

Once more unto the breach?

Once more unto the breach?

I cant shake the feeling that the man is not finished yet. The new speeded up, throw and flippant manner, seem to me to be a tactic being worked on to aid a push for another world title. Two week events are very rare and thus every scrap of energy that can be saved in earlier rounds, both physical and mental could be priceless. With Phil getting older I suspect this is a deliberate and clever attempt to, once again, adapt to the circumstances and produce what is needed to win. I shall not fall into the trap that a number of folk have jumped headlong into in the past. I don’t believe its all over yet for the Stoke legend.

So there we have it, not just anyone but MVG, but a handful of differing players and approaches that really could prevent my worst nightmare!