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Snapshot – AIM: Imperious

One of the biggest compliments AIM: receives is when our work with players is translated into products that can be used by players across the globe. The latest is the adoption of our ‘Imperious’ design by a major manufacturer. It looks like a superb edition of the darts we helped develop for Challenge Tour player Anthony Urmston Toft.

  • Products: Darts (Steel Tip)
  • Brand: AIM:
  • Material: Tungsten (90%) Natural Finish
  • Dimensions: 50.8mm (L) x 6.3mm(W)
  • Point: 32mm Collared Fire (Grooved)
  • Price: £59.50


Imperious is a no-nonsense dart. It’s natural tungsten with two different grip zones. The barrels are straight but with a short reduction/taper toward the point. Designed to assist a tour player to gain the most from his powerful throwing style whilst being able to be produced by his sponsor for the consumer market.

Open The Box:

A simple set of the three handmade 23g barrels each fitted with Target’s Fire points to complete the aggressive approach taken with this design. An unusual set of of Harrows Vibro stems and coordinated Dimplex flights complete the package.

Testers Views:

  • “These are a serious dart for any player who means business, they really benefit from the aggressive approach”
  • “It is a rare dart that I would not change a single thing on, these are one. Fantastic”
  • “I love the grip on the main zone, its very grippy but does not feel as harsh as looks. Very impressive”
  • “The setup and balance are superb. I would recommend these to any direct style thrower”

Debbie Downers:

One thrower did not like the wider grooves near to the stem end and another tester was not comfortable with the fire points. Both players accepted that the dart just did not suit their more delicate style of throw. A different set up also appealed to some.

Set Ups:

The supplied set works very well for a more methodical thrower. However, quicker or more rhythmic players did not seem to like the vibrating stems nor some of the positions the flights ended up in. It was soon discovered that a fixed system such as Taro flights (Standard) with AK Stems (Tweenie) was an excellent alternative. The stability and predictability of this setup were very popular.


For a handmade set of high-quality darts including delivery and accessories £60 is a fair price and seems in the right range for such a stylish and effective product. they come in considerably less than similar designs from Cosmo or other premium manufacturers.

No description available.
Coming soon – Imperious goes mainstream.


A very solid feeling dart. Designed for heavy scoring and a bold direct style. ‘Imperious’ live up to their name by combining a careful design with highly skilled manufacture. great grip across two-thirds of the dart for reliable pick up and a differentiated grip at the stem section for accurate placement. Highly recommended for the strong direct thrower who does not want a distraction.

Marks: 9 / 10

Snap Shot Review – Monster Peacemaker.

The Peacemaker combined Monster’s signature features of mixing high end machining and unusual design with multiple grip styles. The lower end is a smooth nose cone with ring grips above and vertical twists. Then three sections of differing grips toward the stem.


  • ONE80 Peacemaker
  • 20.2g
  • 90% Tungsten
  • 51mm x 6.4mm (widest)
  • RRP – £53+

These darts are premium build quality and have a very nice feel. They seem to appeal to the front holding player and can be gotten used to very quickly. They have something of the Jelle Klaasen style about them but less pronounced and with more grip zones.

Black Authority on Twitter: "She is 23 yrs old but, the article says, is  engaged to THIS guy, Chuck Pankow. A "professional dart player." The  article says he's 47 but Google shows
Designed by successful USA player Chuck Pankow, winner of many ADO events

We paired them up with Monster (Tweenie length Blk) stems and Blk & Silver standard flights. An alternative set-up with long wire Stems with oversize pear stems, both set ups worked very effectively with the later producing a flatter trajectory.


These were a premium dart of their time and came in at around £53 or more. Currently trading second hand in the £20-25 region depending on condition.


All in all these are very impressive. Well designed with a high quality build. Well worth a trying out if you like a high quality, slightly bulbous dart, at lighter weight than most.

Drill of the Day – The Putting Green.

Area – The Practice Board  

Here is a gentle start to your practise, a fun game that is easy to play, but hard to master. The Putting Green involves single dart accuracy, board use and decision making. 

Stick or Twist?

The scoring is simple: 1 point for a treble, 2 for a double, 3 for a single and 5 if you miss the segment completely. The aim, is to score as few as possible. The twist is only the last dart thrown counts! 

So, if you throw your first dart and if it lands in the single segment you have a decision to make. Accept the 3 points? Or, throw again? If you choose to throw again you risk missing and piling pressure on your final dart. If you chose to gamble, perhaps by going for an obscured treble, you risk adding a 5 to your ‘scorecard’. 

We play this as a warm up drill, or fun finish, first go for numbers 1-9. A perfect ‘round’ would be 9 trebles and score 9 points. However, even the very best don’t get near that often. 

Jamie Caven, a master of the Putting Green (pic Unicorn)

The back nine (10-18) can be played either afterwards or as a break from a more serious session. 

From my recall the best ‘front 9’ was 14. A thirteen has been managed on the second set and the best continuous round was 29. Jamie Caven was a master at this drill as was Paul Cook, former News of the World champion.

 Article first appeared in Darts World Magazine (571).