Camaro by Red Dragon: In-Depth Review

Camaro is a superb dart, popular with most testers and precision throw styles. Durable and enticing as well as superbly engineered and manufactured.

A sleek and smooth tapered dart with a touch of class. Available in 20 & 24g.
  • Product: Darts (Steel Tip)  
  • Brand: Red Dragon
  • Model Name: Camaro (V2) 
  • Variation: 20g  (24g av.)
  • RRP: £26.90+ 

General:  Camaro were originally produced for Steve ‘The Game’ Douglas.

Steve reached the last 16 of the World Championship (BDO) in 2000 and again in 2012 &13. The dart has since undergone an evolution since and has some very devoted fans!

RD excelling in the constructors championship!

A superbly designed and elegant looking dart, Camaro have similarities to the Unicorn Sigma (950) dart, especially at the 20g weight. The grip is impressive and refined. The taper is completely smooth and rounded off to reduce deflections or minimise them.

Standard Red Dragon Packaging includes a high quality Flight & Stem Set Up.

What’s in the Box? As with most Red Dragon darts, these days, the pack comes with the set of Camaro barrels (20g) together with a set of (White & Black) Nitro stems and colour coordinated (Blue & white) set of Hardcore flights.

As purchased: Barrels, Hardcore/Nitro Flight & Stem set. 

Spec Section:

  • 95% Tungsten ( Natural)
  • 45.9mm x 6.9mm (Widest)
  • 20.1g
  • Set-Up : Medium Stems % Std Flights or Shorter Side Loading Stems.

Tester Quotes: 

  • “…I loved the grip on the upper half of the dart. I can really feel it even with my light hold.” County Lady Player 
  • ” … there is a bit of my old Sigma’s in them but much better…” Super League player 
  • ” these are just so much better than I imagined. I was never keen on the tapered nose dart but this is just totally different…” Elite player

Downsides: As always the Camaro did not suit everyone’s taste, the main ‘Debbie Downers’  were surrounding the grip. Some players find it very aggressive and out of sync with such a smooth sleek design. Another player wanted the grip section to be smaller than the current segment. Often though these things are simply a matter of personal taste. 

Durability – So far, Camaro have stood up very well they have been used in over two hundred legs by a group of different players over a extended period. 

Coach: This is a superb dart. It would will suit players who are very precise with each dart and those who group very closely together. They encourage One player has ordered a set in the heavier weight and is confident he may switch. A Side-loading stem combo also worked well.

SnapShot: Camaro is a superb dart, popular with most testers and precision throw styles. Durable and enticing as well as superbly engineered and manufactured.

£26.90 is exceptional value

A.I.M: Independent Darts Consultancy based in the U.K. 

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