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Mark Webster – Winmau Originals 20g

  • Product: Darts (Steel Tip)
  • Model: Mark Webster (Signature) 20g
  • Material: Natural Tungsten 90%
  • Dimensions: 48.4mm x 5.9mm
  • Grip Style: Simple 14 cut Ring Grip (2/5 Aggressive)
  • Shape: Parallel (Straight)
Webster originals. A simple classic.

Mark won his World championship and many other titles with this design. As with other players/manufacturers, he has adapted it over time both in grip and cosmetically. he has also increased his weight preference.


A simple dart with a very comfortable feel. The thirteen cuts are slightly narrower (1.5mm*) than on a standard ‘Bristow barrel’ but the blank toward the stem end is larger than most (15mm*).

The 5.9mm width is excellent for grouping and almost half a millimeter slimmer than most similar darts. The length is quite standard for darts of this time, 48.4mm is long enough to allow enough weight, short enough to allow some wrist control but not too long.

The Webster original has a slightly softened nose but not a cone or taper to enable the path past other darts or wires.

Set Ups:

Webby used a very conventional set up with these. A simple standard shape flight (Wales design) and a white nylon stem (medium). AIM: tested them with a very similar setup and they worked very well indeed. At the low weight (20g) they are also ideally paired with fixed flight options, such as the L Style Champagne systems, with a tweenie sized stem.

Tester Quotes:

“The are much better than I thought, simple yet very effective and reliable.”

“If you have a traditional ‘arc style’ action/throw you will love these”

“You can hold these anywhere but they are very good for mid or rear holders”

Debbie Downers:

The only real downside is the rear blank is quite large which can affect how some players would hold the dart. The grip is very simple and some players would prefer a more aggressive feel.


The 2021 ‘Diamond edition’ of the Webby Dart. Available here.

In their day these were good value at the £20-30 mark. Winmau has revamped Mark’s dart a couple of times and has even added a diamond gripped version. Sadly all these are at higher weights. Second-hand sets of the originals pop up on eBay etc. for around £20.


A superb and increasingly rare example of a World Championship winning dart. No-fuss, no cosmetic vanity just a simple slim tungsten barrel with a softened nose and a basic ring grip. Lovely balance and easy to use. Especially suited for wristy or whippy players and those who ‘arc’ the dart.

Marks: 8.5/10.

The latest Webster editions are available from most darts retailers and online at Red Dragon Darts.

A Forgotten Assett? Paul Nicholson: Unicorn Global Edition.

Our friends over at Classic Arrows (Facebook) continue to acquire rare gems for review, this time the debut dart of major winner Paul Nicholson.

Unicorn Global Paul Nicholson (20 grams).

Before Paul moved to Winmau, who currently manufacture his signature dart, he was a member of team Unicorn, initially under their Global range.

During his time with Unicorn Paul used several dart editions; a full-black dart, a natural tungsten dart, and this one which was his first Unicorn model, first seen in the 2010 Unicorn Book of Darts.

Pic: Classic Arrows

Many people will know Paul Nicholson as the Players Championship finals winner in 2010, as well as being an eccentric character on the darts circuit not too long ago.

Nowadays Paul is regularly seen and heard as a pundit or commentator on the PDC tournaments, and is very knowledgeable concerning the technical aspect of playing darts, darts equipment and
the use of it.

The darts all featured the same grip pattern but differed in coating and color. This dart, the Unicorn Global Paul Nicholson dart was only featured in 20 gram which was the weight Paul used himself. The dart features a gripper finish which was also featured on several other Unicorn darts. The ring grip pattern features red paint in the grooves which gives the dart a unique look and results in a comfortable grip.

Pic: Classic Arrows

There isn’t any footage on YouTube where he is seen using this specific dart, which is because Paul didn’t use this dart for a long time. Like I said the dart was first featured in the 2010 Unicorn Book of Darts, quite soon after this Unicorn released the full-black Nicholson dart which Paul used on TV in that same year.

Words & Pics: Marc Ten Haaken (

Bag A Historic Lowe Double!

One of the noticeable things in the darts industry over recent years has been the growth of the special or collectors edition sets. Often they are simply a variation on the player’s current dart or specially packaged, souvenir type, product to mark an occasion or achievement. However, Unicorn has just released a unique pack. Not one but two sets of darts marking the remarkable career of John Lowe!

A Moment Of Darting History

In 1984 John Lowe MBE became the first person to achieve a 9-dart finish on television, in a match against Keith Deller at the 1984 World Matchplay. John hit two 180s with his first six darts, before finishing on 141 with treble 17, treble 18, and double 18 to complete the perfect leg. With this feat, John earned himself a place in darting immortality, as well as £102,000.

The John Lowe MBE Limited Edition darts are presented in deluxe packaging and come complete with two sets of darts, the first of which is a Limited Edition Replica of the dart John used to throw the perfect leg. His original (Phase 1) barrels are 90% natural tungsten, with Limited Edition 9 Dart engraving. The shaft and flights are a modern replica of those used on that famous day, a Silver Moulded SlikStik shaft and ULTRAFLY Rainbow Blue flights in Xtra shape.

The second set of darts included are a Limited Edition replica of the dart John used more recently, the main variation is a more pronounced and aggressive grip. The 90% tungsten dart (Phase 2) with gold titanium coating and Limited Edition MBE engraving also includes Gold Premier Aluminium Shafts and Gold John Lowe MBE ‘Ultrafly’ flights in Plus shape.

2019 New Year’s Honours

On the 2nd May 2019, the three-time World Champion was awarded an MBE by Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, for services to the sport of darts and Charity at Buckingham Palace. John’s incredible career has spanned across four decades of darting excellence, in which he became the first man to win three World Championship Titles across three decades, defeating Leighton Rees in 1979, Eric Bristow in 1987, and Alan Warriner in 1993.

In total there are just 501 sets of the John Lowe Limited Edition Set, spread across the three weights, meaning there are just 167 Sets each of 21G, 23G and 25G available. Available only from Unicorn or from John Lowe MBE himself.

Each John Lowe MBE Limited Edition Box Contains-

  • Deluxe John Lowe MBE Packaging
  • 2 Sets of Limited Edition John Lowe Darts – 1 x Set of Phase 1 Natural John Lowe Darts and 1 x Set of Phase 2 Gold John Lowe Darts
  • Limited Edition Engraving
  • ULTRAFLY Flights
  • SlikStik and Aluminium Shafts

Full product and purchase details available here: